Encounter whales in their natural habitat in a zodiac boat

Each Essipit whale watching tours is a personalized adventure

an amazing excursion that goes to the deepest waters of the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park. By traveling in a Zodiac inflatable boat, you get as close as possible to the surface of the St. Lawrence River, giving a unique sense of being right up next to the whales. This larger-than-life feeling is enhanced by the comments of our experienced captains, who share their knowledge about whales and the marine world they live in.

Several departures each day – Travelling low on the water – Information on the littoral zone, its mammals and seabirds

In Zodiac boats

of watching marine mammals


All Essipit’s whale watching cruises are led by a certified, reliable and trustworthy captain in very safe boats. Each captain knows the secrets and vagaries of the St. Lawrence River, and is trained in how to best keep his passengers safe.

For our elders, whales symbolize foresight, and even today they are central to marine animal life for the Essipit Innu. In the interests of preserving and respecting this noble animal, the Essipit Innu community offers whale watching Zodiac boat tours on the majestic St. Lawrence River to tourists from all over the world.


Essipit Cruises has partnered with theEco-Wale Alliance to ensure that its whale watching activities are carried out with proper respect for the marine mammals in theSaguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park.

Practical information

In the hearth of the St. Lawrence estuary

Where the water bed, the river's currents and the tides are ideal for an abundance of food (krill) for the whales.

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one of the best whale-watching sites in the region


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