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Hiking in Essipit is part of tourism offering of Entreprises Essipit . Well-planned paths are accessible from our condo-hotel unitscottages and campgrounds. Forest hiking is a great way to see the abundant flora and fauna on our lands as well as our imposing landscapes.

There is no charge to use our trails, which will satisfy people who are new to hiking as well as experts looking for a challenge.

The Côte-Nord region has a wide range of hiking sites to explore during your stay with us!

For hundreds of years, the Essipit Innu community has maintained a close relationship with nature. For our elders, the environment symbolizes wealth and life, and it still plays a special role in modern Innu culture.

Our trails are managed with the greatest respect for the animals and plants found there. Our staff, who are dedicated to your well-being on our lands, pay particular attention to keeping the environment clean and peaceful.

Various resort packages with lodging are available for hiking and other outdoor experiences. Choose between condo-hotel units, cottages, outfitters and campgrounds. 

The essipit hiking offering

Trails for every type !

  • Trails through the forest
  • Easy access from our condo-hotel units, cottages and campgrounds
  • Free activity for all
  • Spectacular landscapes
  • Management that respects the region’s flora and fauna
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