Sea Kayaking

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Treat yourself to an extraordinary sea kayaking experience on the waters of the St. Lawrence River with Mer et monde Ecotours. You will have access to different kayaking activities that will allow you to observe the landscapes and marine wildlife like nowhere else!

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert level, our professional guides will teach you the most reliable techniques to ensure your safety. Each activity begins with an introductory session on land and continues in the waters of the St. Lawrence River. Thanks to the use of double kayaks and the presence of guides throughout the excursion, you will enjoy a pleasant and safe activity.

Choose a half-day or a full-day kayaking upstream, or choose the calm that sea kayaking offers you at sunrise. Specialized equipment also allows you to attend a “sound and light” show. Finally, you can combine sea kayaking and hiking; a must for outdoor enthusiasts!

Sea kayaking excursions would not be the same without the presence of the passionate and experienced guides of Mer et monde Ecotours. Beyond the safety they assure you, the guides have a great knowledge of the river and its marine wildlife. Generous and attentive, they give you a privileged access to this fascinating universe.

The sea kayaking activities are provided in partnership with Mer et monde Ecotours. The tours leave from Tadoussac or Les Bergeronnes, close to Essipit’s lodging sites.



The Essipit offering

Sea kayaking takes you to the heart of the fantastic world of the St. Lawrence River and offers breathtaking scenery.

  • Full day or half-day of sea kayaking
  • Excursions at sunrise
  • Sound and light show (dates determined in July and August)
  • Sea kayaking and hiking
  • Marine wildlife observation
  • Supervised by professional guides

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