A stimulating career in the great outdoors

Carreers in a friendly environment

If you like carreers in open spaces, venturing out onto the water or waking up in the middle of nature every day, then you will surely want to join our team! Entreprises Essipit is looking for people just like you, people with passion who are deeply interested in developing tourism in Quebec’s Côte-Nord region.

For over 35 years we have been recruiting people of all ages and backgrounds to work with us on Essipit Innu lands. Preserving our ancestral lands is very important to us. This is why we want to have only the best people working here, to ensure that our operations will be sustainable.


All our employees enjoy the many benefits of an exceptional work environment. With its magnificent landscapes, Essipit Innu lands have a natural and authentic charm that you just won’t find anywhere else. Inspired by our ancestors, we manage nature with the greatest respect, and this is what makes Essipit such an enjoyable place to work.

Carreers for Entreprises Essipit means enjoying:

  • Natural landscapes
  • Spectacular views of the river
  • Stimulating outdoor activities
  • Traditional Innu sites to discover


We have a strong attachment to our traditional culture, so our entrepreneurial values are based on mutual help and sharing. Each of our employees is treated fairly and humanely.

We offer the following employee benefits:

  • Full-time or part-time employment, permanent or seasonal
  • Flexible schedules
  • Group insurance plan*
  • Pension fund*
  • Occupational health and safety program**
  • Training and skill development**
  • Employee assistance program**
  • Fair and equitable policies**
  • Onsite health services
  • Open to employees and their families
  • Medical assessments, blood sample and specimen collection
  • Follow-ups with the CSST

* For permanent employees only
** For permanent and seasonal employees only


Our highly varied recreation and tourism offering means that we have jobs in many different areas:

We have different types of jobs for building the career that suits you best:

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